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Become a better trainer with our training resources, our daily think-pieces, and our in-house app, To supercharge your skills, look at our courses designed exclusively for L&D professionals.

For Corporates

Turn your corporate training experiences into game-like or gamified experiences to get results that stick.


We provide both single sessions and extended programs for addressing business needs, upskilling employees, and correcting course. Learn more.

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L&D Consulting

Looking to overhaul your company L&D plan? Let us help you become more effective and engage your employees. Contact us.

About Us

With decades of business experience, we use GPS to deliver engagement to your employees and customers.

We’re a team with
multi-disciplinary expertise.

Whether we are training first time managers or playing a game of Pandemic with a team to help them discover how to collaborate, we are always applying our learning from scientific research and personal experience.

When we consult with your business, we not only help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness, we also add some fun into your everyday work. Reach out to us at or call us on +91 7892 332 932.