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A game to teach investigative journalism


I learnt about pirate fishing in Sierra Leone through an interactive game developed by Al Jazeera. In the game, you play as a reporter, gathering evidence and making notes. By watching videos and viewing photos, you – the “reporter” – put the content in the correct “notebook” and move up levels.

The game is based on a report called “Pirate Fishing” by journalist Juliana Ruhfus of Al Jazeera. In the game, you join Juliana’s team and build a case against pirate fishing in Sierra Leone. As a layperson outside of the field, you get to experience the adventure of investigative journalism focusing on evidence collection, fact checking, and background note taking. It provides an informative if simplistic, view of how news stories ought to be created and the benchmarks you need to hit to make your reporting credible.
You can play the game here:

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