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A keyboard worth ₹28,000


My business partner just bought an Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad. It costs ₹28,000 usually, but he got it at a discount. Shoutout to N.

I’m still wrapping my head around this as it makes absolutely no sense to me. Him, on the other hand, is extremely impressed with his decision and can’t small smiling ear to ear.

Apple knows its customers. I know because I’m one of them. (I bought the new MacBook when it was released last year at ₹1,29,000 myself.

I rationalize that decision as a necessary business expense. My partner rationalizes his decision in some way.

There is no such thing as costly or cheap. Value is in the mind of the buyer.

Whether you’re in a job seeking a job or in business seeking clients, don’t forget this. It’s not your purpose to convince people who don’t see your value. Your purpose is to find people who will.