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A Plan vs Plan A


We have been told all our life that having a clear Plan is the only way to win. "If who fail to plan, you plan to fail," that’s the message thats been drilled down all our lives.

Timetables and study plans during school and college, Career Progression Plans during jobs and Family and Financial plans in personal life. They all make it a point that you need a clear and focused plan.

The world has changed though. Creating Plan A’s and Plan B’s are no longer working.

What works is having A Plan – flexible, meaningful and honest.

Flexible because the world around us is constantly changing and a rigid plan can’t keep up with a world flux.

Meaningful because if it isn’t meaningful and worthwhile, why bother with it at all – especially when it’s not working.

Honest because we all fall into the habit of creating plans that the world expects rather than what brings us joy. An inauthentic plan falls apart sooner rather than later.

Skipping Plan A, Building a Plan,