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About Winners and Quitters


An ex-employee (and recent entrepreneur) called me a couple days ago and shared with me, rather painfully, how his new business was not working out. I gave him a ton of advice.

I wish to share a small portion of that conversation here:

Me: Winners don’t quit.

Him: Got it.

Me: Quitters don’t win.

Him: Agreed

Me: But, what if you’re neither winning nor quitting?

Him: 🤔

Me: What if you feel trapped?

Him: 😟

Me: What if you actually are trapped, and aren’t quitting because you’ve been fed this B.S. about quitters and winners being mutually exclusive?

Him: …

Me: Well, even in real wars there is a concept called Strategic Retreat. It is not considered quitting. It is about getting out of active war to find some time to think, and do something different to win. Far too many of us feel lost in the race to win. It’s ok to slow down to retreat and rethink.

Him: …

Me: If retreat still sounds like a negative term to you, let me use another term: Pivot.

Him: 😎

Me: Literally every successful individual or company in the world has succeeded by pivoting their original idea to something else. There’s no shame in it. In fact, there’s genuine pride in accepting that you took a good decision at the right time and that’s how it all worked out. It’s far worse to stay the course and sink with a ship that was doomed to go down. Think about it. A well-timed pivot may take you to newer heights and a happier life.

Him: 🙏

You: … (What do you think?)