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[Agenda Idea] Encouraging “unhampered participation”


The philosopher Ivan Illich once said, "Most learning is not the result of instruction. It is rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful setting."

The different agenda items I shared with you over the week offer a meaningful setting for learners to learn in. However, to get "unhampered participation", you have to inspire the learner toward action. This requires you to set up a story in the world you want the learner to enter.

For example, if you are using the doors to display your agenda, you could simply present it as a novelty where you can ask learners, "Which door shall we unlock now?" You could ask all of them to vote for their preference, or you can nominate a volunteer to choose. Whatever the response, it could be further prodded with "What do you expect to see there?" or "Why this door?" or "Do you want to change your mind?" kind of questions. Besides being fun, this personalises the interaction for them, gives them a sense of control, and involves them in your training.

Or you could start with something like, "Legend has it that there is a secret knowledge of great power that can help you achieve all your goals in MNC Corporation. Hundreds have searched for this secret in vain. But you and your party have found it. The secret knowledge is guarded behind these three doors. You are now on a quest to unlock these doors. Are you ready?"

By transporting your learners into this magical world with a few wisely chosen words and if you feel up for it, inspirational music, you can create an environment where learners harness the power of play.

Play leads us to believe that anything is possible. Isn’t that the attitude we want our learners to imbibe?

Becoming a story-teller every day,