Gentle Bamboo Solutions

All play and no work


Ok. Maybe that’s going too far. But, hear me out.

Maybe you have used Google Pay to make payments and felt happy that you received ₹5 cash back.

Maybe you have used Amazon and answered some silly question to "qualify" to win an iPhone.

Maybe you have bought for yourself (or for a kid) a chocolate named Kinder Joy to get a plastic toy that has to be assembled.

Maybe you have finished a course on Coursera and found joy in sharing the certificate you received on LinkedIn.

Maybe you felt awesome because someone "liked" a picture on your Instagram.

Every company in the world is using the innate human desire to play. To feel like there’s more to life than work. To be "rewarded" for mundane work. To experience the thrill of "winning". To feel like we belong and are appreciated and recognized.

That’s gamification at it’s root.

Learning is no different. Learners want all those feelings too. And yet, educators don’t offer it. How, then, should we expect the learners to be interested in what we do when the whole world outside is spreading a red carpet to welcome them out of their dreary existence?

Learning has to evolve. Now! Watch this space for some practical ideas to start that revolution.