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Announcing the A2Z of Facilitation Podcast

A2Z of Facilitation

From the start of the year 2020, this blog has existed to bring value to trainers and facilitators. Every week, we release blogs containing stories, tips, and tools to help you be a better trainer. But we’ve always felt like this blog wasn’t enough, and now was the time to do something about it.

You’ve seen us experiment with live virtual sessions throughout the last few months. We’ve made those videos available for on-demand viewing.

That gave us the idea – why not do more pre-recorded content? Why not help our audience beyond words in a blog post?

And thus, the A2Z of Facilitation Podcast was born. This is a 26 episode series that we’ve quietly released over the last few months. Each episode covers an aspect of training and facilitation in 10-30 minutes. You will get real, practical knowledge that will help your L&D business do better.

Who Will You Hear on This Podcast?

My business partner Rakshith Bhagavath and I are both involved in this project. Rakshith is an excellent trainer specializing in technical content. He brings a grounded, analytical approach to training and facilitation, and you will enjoy his tips in several episodes.

We wanted to share our experience and expertise in L&D, but we also wanted to bring an outside perspective. So, we’ve brought on a guest host in Vaibhav Gupta. Vaibhav is a professional writer, speaker, and coach. He is a member of Toastmasters, like us. He has completed that program to earn the title Distinguished Toastmaster. We’re excited for you to hear his thoughts and opinions on our L&D topics.

Where can I Hear This Podcast?

The entire 26 episode series is available immediately. We’ve hosted it on, a podcast-specific platform. See here:

We’ve also gone back and embedded relevant episodes in older blog posts. So if you want extra perspective on one of your favourite blog posts, check back. Here are some: