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Apples, Breakfast, Carrots and other myths


An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Right? No, it doesn’t.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Right? No, it isn’t.

Carrots improve your eyesight. Right? No, they don’t.

The first one is a meaningless story and just a silly myth. The second one started as an advertisement tagline, and it has been completely disproved multiple times. The third one is a fake story spread by British military to hide the existence of a (then) new technology called RADAR from Germans.

Myths, marketing and military lies. That’s all there is to these three universally accepted "truths". There are many such stories we grow up with which influence our behaviour.

Stories about what to expect from clients, partners, employers, employees, learners, trainers, experts, and various other people we meet. Stories about expectations, ambitions, perseverance, relationships, and other aspects of human nature.

Some ‘truths’ help us grow. Some set us free. Some hold us back. Some trap us.

Which ‘truths’ are deciding the direction of your life and career? Are you sure they’re really ‘true’ or are they like Apples, Breakfast and Carrots?

Myth-busting truths,