Gentle Bamboo Solutions

April Fool’s email yesterday…


Hopefully, some of you saw through my obvious April Fool’s mail yesterday. I got dozens of replies where people said that it’s obviously a joke or that I would never run out of ideas. That was nice to hear.

My favorite ones were those where people said something like, "I know it’s a joke, but if it isn’t I wish you all the best in your work and thanks for all the helpful emails for all these months." Very thoughtful and much appreciated. ❤

It feels good to hear so many people are even interested to read my daily drivel, let alone like it and appreciate it. Thank you very much.

While the mail was meant as a joke, it actually helped me feel really good about this work. Today’s ego boost alone will carry me forward for six more months. At least.

I ain’t goin ‘ nowhere. We’re all in this together. Thanks for your interest. 🙏

Stuck with each other,