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Are they worthy of you?


In school and college, we’ve been conditioned to be only at the receiving end of questions. Someone asks you questions and you answer – usually to impress the teacher. When we apply for the first job interview and we "need" the job, that relationship continues. Slowly it becomes a part of us. Answer questions. Impress people. Move up in life

As we grow, though, that thought process needs to change. We should learn to ask questions that others need to answer – to impress you.

In a job interview, you should be evaluating the company as much as they are evaluating you. In a sales call too, you should be evaluating the client as much they are evaluating you.

You have to understand the importance of "them" having to impress "you" as much as you’re trying to impress them. They have to be worthy of you too.

That’s when respectful and valuable relationships are built. If the onus of impressing the other party is only on you, it’ll be an unequal and unhappy relationship.

Want to sell yourself? Make sure the buyer is doing the same too.

On a two way street,