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Are you a Fish in an Aquarium or a Frog in a Well?


A fish in an aquarium is well fed and well looked after. It’s given lots of colourful neighbours and expensive surroundings. It’s a life of comfort, but it’s a trap. It’s also a prison with no escape until it dies. It didn’t get there by it’s own choice.

A frog in the well, on the contrary, is there by its own choice. It is an amphibian and can survive anywhere. It just chooses the well because it is scared of the world outside, and decides to call the well home. It gets into a comfort zone there.

Often in our life, we are a frog – not a fish. We look at our current environment and get comfortable with it. We make a conscious choice to stay stuck. We can survive – even thrive outside.

We feel we are in an aquarium even though we are in a well. It’s impossible to get out of the former, but not too difficult to get out of the well. Once out of the well, we realise that the big bad world we feared is not so scary after all. It’s full of opportunities. It just needs a leap of faith.

Where are you? What are you doing about it?

1, 2, 3… Jump,