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Are you a runner or a pacer?


There are two kinds of people who participate in a marathon running race:

1. Runners – who run to finish their own race

2. Pacers – who run to finish their own race AND help others finish their races too

Both are perfectly good ways of participating. You have to be a good runner to do either of them, but you need to be a little more experienced to be a pacer.

Also a pacer needs to be a bit more empathetic towards other runners. For a pacer, glory is not just in finishing the race. It includes helping others too. A pacer still has to work really hard (sometimes harder than a runner) to keep learning new things and becoming better at their craft.

If you want to be a good trainer or educator you may start thinking of yourself as a pacer. f you want to help others achieve their goals, you have to keep achieving yours too. If you want to keep teaching new things to others, you have to keep learning new things yourself too.

Even more importantly, if you want to be a pacer, you need to tell the world you’re a pacer. You need to wear distinctive enough clothes and/or carry your "pace card" with you in the race. People will join you only when they know you’ll help them.

Just like a pacer has to advertise their presence, so too should a trainer or a facilitator. Good intentions alone aren’t enough. You need a marketing plan.

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Racing and pacing,