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As the world opens up…


My five-year-old started going back to school today. My wife has started going back to the office since last week.

More and more, the world is ambling back into normalcy. Everyone I know personally has gotten their second dose of the vaccine. There’s a clear reduction of fear and paranoia. (I ate Pani puri from a roadside vendor yesterday)

Cultural events like plays, stand-up comedy, movies, parties, and restaurants have started all over again. Traffic jams are back too.

As the world, and all its inhabitants, begin to start living life again, let’s not forget the lessons from the last 18 months:

  1. Wear masks, even if you know everyone in the gathering.
  2. Don’t touch surfaces unnecessarily
  3. Don’t touch your face in the public
  4. If you have any symptoms, be the better person and stay home.

The virus is still as dangerous and it still doesn’t care how much we have all suffered already.

Cautiously optimistic,