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Balloon Animals and The Abundance of Knowledge


I’m really good at sculpting balloon animals. No, really, I am. All the children in my layout come to me frequently to get a giraffe or a dog or an octopus.

Yesterday, as I was entertaining the kids, my balloon pump broke. What a tragedy!

I instantly ordered a new one on Amazon and promised everyone that in 2 days I’ll be able to give them two animals instead.

All the kids went back to another house, somewhat disappointed. In 5 mins they all came back.

"You don’t need a hand pump uncle. You can blow the balloons with your mouth too," said the kids.

I said, "No it isn’t possible." I am the expert after all.

A six year old kid says, "No uncle. I asked Alexa. She said it is possible and showed a video also."

A six year old schooled me, a 38 year old. In an area of my expertise. Because Alexa! 🤦‍♂️

This is what we are all dealing with these days. Knowledge is available in abundance and for free.

If you and I need to succeed as educators, we need to dig deeper and bring more value to the life of our learners.

If we are just as good as (or worse than) a free YouTube video, we will see our own value declining with time.

Lungs hurtingly yours,