Gentle Bamboo Solutions

“Best Facilitator Ever…”


"I really enjoyed this session. A unique and fun way of learning the skill of collaboration, communication and taking informed decisions on various situations."

"I would rate this training activity very high on how captivating it was besides the exodus of learning throughout the session."

"Best Facilitator Ever…"

Learners in a session I did gave this feedback about me yesterday in the survey done by their organisation. The last one (in bold) is strange to hear. I know I am not one. Far from it. I know I can be better. I want to be better. I even joked that the person who said this about me needs to attend more sessions by others.

This has been my standard response whenever something good is said about me. I am not great at receiving compliments. I go into self-deprecating mode immediately. Or, if I feel I am somewhat worthy of such praise, I make a resolve to keep working harder and continue to be worthy of that praise.

Today though, I want to accept that praise and feel good about it, without stressing about continuously living up to expectations. Today, I just humbly say Thank you and decide to bask a bit in the after glow of such high praise. Today I don’t joke about the person who whole-heartedly gave that compliment. I have worked really hard on that session.

My team has invested weeks of time, lots of money and tons of effort in creating that program. I delivered it with passion. I think the praise is well-deserved. Today I celebrate compliments.

When people compliment you, how do you respond?

Happy and proud,