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Book recommendation The Practice by Seth Godin


One of the most well known shloka (couplet) from Bhagvad Gita is Karmanye vaadhikaaraste ma phaleshu kadachan. It translates to – Focus on your actions and not the outcome.

The Practice by Seth Godin is a book pretty much dedicated to this idea. He doesn’t specifically talk about that couplet, but in every page and every concept the idea shines through.

Being a Professional is not about authenticity. It is doing what needs to be done, whether you feel like doing it or not.

"Purpose" is not the same as "Outcome". Professionals do purposeful work, but outcomes should neither influence nor sway them.

The book is equal parts motivation and step-by-step instruction. There are dozens of nuggets of wisdom in it, and it’ll be well worth your time.

The Practice is the fourth book I’ve read in 2021, and easily the best so far. I highly recommend this short book filled with amazing insights.

Practicing like a pro,