Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Brand Identity


I have always been fascinated by this phrase: Brand Identity. Is is a great logo? Is it a great social media presence? It is an amazing website? Is it polished proposals?

It is all of them and yet none of them. It is an experience. It is what your client (internal or external) feels when they interact with you. People meet us in real life, on zoom calls, check us out on our websites, stumble upon us on LinkedIn, see our Whatsapp statuses. There are hundreds of other ways people hear about us and many more where they find out about us.

Brand Identity is that consistent message that not only tells people who we are, but also builds on a previous experience in a positive way. If every time someone hears or reads about us or meets us, they see an image that is consistent with their first impression while also making it better, we have a Brand Identity. Else, we don’t. As simple as that.

How about you? Do you have (or are you cultivating) an identity?

Brandishing my brand,