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BTS “Butter”


"BTS Butter crossed 100 million in 24 hours."

That’s a sentence that made no sense to me. It took a little bit of explanation from my wife today.

BTS is a K-Pop music band. K-Pop itself stands for (South) Korean Pop. They released a song yesterday titled "Butter".

Apparently, BTS has been a phenomenally successful band and has been creating waves in the popular music circuit.

Their newest song has a 130 million views at the time of writing this email.

One. Hundred. Thirty. Million. Views. In. One. Day.

They are, at this moment, the most popular people on earth – bar none. Millions of boys and girls (and older people too) are listening to their new song at this exact instance.

I had no clue about their existence till today. Literally none.

Popularity is like that. A song that has been played 13 crore times in 24 hours is still only known to < 1% of the world (assuming it’s not unique views).

Chasing popularity is a fool’s errand. There’s no end to that journey. I’m not dissing the incredible effort and passion of these artists one bit. Far from it.

I’m not saying for one moment that popularity is bad. I’m just saying that chasing it is not worth the effort.

Popularity should be an outcome of our work, not the purpose.

Smooth like butter,