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Building a world for your language


JRR Tolkien is arguably the greatest fantasy writer of all times. He has written classics like Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Silmarillion, and other books set in a fantasy world he built.

He created extremely intricate maps, hundreds of characters, royal lineages, multiple new races of characters, deep lore, dozens of great poems, and beautiful stories.

He did NOT want to do any of this stuff.

He actually wanted to create a new language called Elfish – that’s all. But a language cannot exist in a vacuum. Someone had to speak that language, so he created that someone. That someone needed to live somewhere, so he built that somewhere. That somewhere needed a history, so he fleshed out that history. That history needed a bigger world, so he built an entire world.

He spent decades building the most elaborate world imaginable – just to find a place for his new language to inhabit.

If you want to create something and you’re truly passionate about it, you know what to do. You have to create it yourself. No one will come to help you create it. You need to toil yourself, and create a new world where your passion finds a place it deserves.

And if it’s good, other people will come to it. And if it’s really good, you’ll do really well for yourself – because your passion finds acceptance in the world. But, first you have to create it. It won’t happen by itself if you sit and wait for it.

One ring to rule them all,