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Yesterday, I wrote an email about Saregama Carvaan – a device I’m in love with. It’s a great product to use and a great case study to learn from. Today, I’ll expand upon one of the fo learnings I presented in the previous mail.

Create your own distinct identity:

We’re in an industry that is pretty saturated already. Further, the barrier to entry is so low that almost anyone can represent themselves as a "trainer" or "facilitator".

You may think that they don’t compete with you as you’re better. You’ve got more experience and expertise. Unfortunately, your client doesn’t know that.

That’s because you’re both using the same title. To someone who hasn’t met you, there’s no difference. And that’s a big problem.

To fix that problem, you need to cultivate an identity that stands out for your clients and your colleagues. But it won’t happen accidentally, you’ll have to put a lot of effort into.

It’s difficult and it takes times. That’s good news for you. If it was easy, everyone will be doing it. Since it is difficult, the "wannabe trainers" won’t do it. Which means, when you do it you will stand out.

Creating a distinct identity is about deciding which kind of trainings you’ll do and which you won’t. It’s as simple as that. It’s a decision to accept a limited kind of projects and clients.

Once you decide that, refuse everything that is outside of that decision. No matter how much money it makes. You’re probably thinking, "But Abhilash, these are difficult economic times and you’re asking me to refuse projects." I know that advice sounds weird. I know it’s counterintuitive. But it works. It’s the only thing that works.

Your career and your business isn’t built upon the number of times you say Yes. It’s built upon the number of times you say No. It’s difficult in the beginning, but it’s entirely worth it. I say this with a decade of experience.

Your distinct identity is built with the Power of No.

Come join the Business Growth Roadmap workshop and we’ll discuss this in a lot of specific detail.

Embracing No,