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Carvaan 2 of 4 Define a clear target audience


Continuing from Monday’s email about Saregama Carvaan, I’ll expand on the second idea today.

Define a clear target audience:

Don’t try to appeal to everyone. You’ll appeal to no one. I know it sounds like obvious advice from Marketing 101. Yet very few people follow it. When I say specific, I mean hyper specific. Let me explain.

Personally, I cater to two kinds of audiences –

1. L&D executives at Corporate companies – to establish my expertise and do their corporate training sessions.

2. Freelance trainers (or small businesses) – to build goodwill for future collaboration.

That’s it. I try not to focus on anyone else for my business. Yes, I give guest lectures at Universities and speak at conferences, but not to make money. It helps me refine my material for my primary audience, and as a bonus, it’s fun and valuable for that audience too.

My primary focus is entirely you. I mean it. I repeat: I consciously avoid spending time on any other kind of audience.

The next few years of my strategy revolves around ensuring you get the most value from these emails. Something big will come out of it, maybe in a few months or maybe 5 more years. But my eyes aren’t towards the future. My eyes are on the here and the now. My eyes are on my clearly defined target audience.

You need to get that specific with your target audience too. Ask yourself –

  • Whom will you work with?
  • What exactly will you do for them?
  • Whom will you help – whether it is day or night?
  • Whom will you work with if they pay double your usual price, but refuse if they bargain?
  • Whom will you flat out refuse no matter how much they pay?
  • Whom will you help for free, but won’t charge money even if they offer to pay?
  • Whom will you refuse to spend a single moment with, no matter what?

There are a lot of these decisions you need to make. Not on a case by case basis, but ahead of time. And you have to stick to those decisions. That’s how you grow.

Overwhelmed? Not sure how to go about it? Come Join the Business Growth Roadmap workshop and we’ll discuss this in detail.

Targeting you, but nicely,