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Charge your laptop before your session


I know this is obvious advice, but put it on your pre-session checklist. Today, I was 60 seconds away from a live stream that would have gone bad due to this.

I have a big checklist that I scroll before starting any session:

  1. Am I dressed appropriately?
  2. Is my face well-lit?
  3. Are there are any unnecessary things in the camera’s field of view?
  4. Do I have a bottle of water?
  5. Have I used the washroom in the last ten minutes? (Yeah I check this too)
  6. Is my presentation ready and tested?
  7. Do I have a backup powerpoint, just in case?
  8. Do I have a printed copy of the presentation, just in case?
  9. Has my five year old son been instructed to not knock on the door during the session?
  10. Are my parents and my spouse aware of my session?
  11. Is my phone on silent?
  12. Are my laptop notifications turned off?

There are 10 more entries in that list, but you get the picture. I have never added "Is the laptop charged?" to the list because I always work with a live AC power.

Yesterday, I bought a new table which sits in the centre of the room. Till now I have used a plank which is fixed to the wall. I had AC power right under that plank, and never faced this problem.

Anyway, long story short, I survived. I had to tell my live audience on the YouTube stream that, shamefully, I have to go get a charger in between the stream. There was dead air for 60 full seconds, and then I was back. All went well after that.

Lesson learned. Item added to checklist. Is the laptop charged?

Charged up,