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Coginitive Biases and Critical Thinking


One of my most favorite corporate training session is Critical Thinking. Within that session, my favorite topic to cover is Cognitive Biases. For a lot of people my session is the first time that they hear about Cognitive Biases.

You may already be aware of the concept and many biases. Either ways, the very nature of the topic is such that even if you know all about biases they still influence your life and decisions.

I usually talk about five Cognitive Biases in my sessions. This entire week all my emails will be about one of these five biases:

1. Confirmation Bias

2. Actor Observer Bias

3. Curse of Knowledge

4. Sunk Cost Fallacy

5. The Availability Heuristic

I hope it’ll be of some help to you to both understand and manage these in your life and career.,