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Cognitive Bias The Confirmation Bias


A cognitive bias is a systematic error in thinking. It affects everyone. Biases affect you even when you’re aware of them and actively try to correct the errors.

The worst offender and the most common bias any human being has is known as Confirmation Bias.

It is the human tendency to see the world in a certain way. If we see evidence of what we already believe in, we accept it. If the evidence goes against our existing beliefs, we dismiss the evidence rather than changing our belief.

Think of a politician you think is bad or corrupt or a liar. Every time you see a WhatsApp forward or a YouTube video that proves your opinion of him/her, your belief becomes stronger. However, there are proofs of him/her being good or truthful too. You either don’t look at that or decide that’s an exception and not worthy of attention.

Now, do the opposite. Think of someone who’s good in your opinion. Observe how no amount of proof of that person being bad changes your opinion.

This goes beyond people. This bias exists about countries, animals, events, science, religion. Whatever your belief is, that is the evidence you seek, find and believe.

Confirmation Bias holds us back from becoming better human beings. It stops us from experiencing multiple perspectives about the world.

To counter this, we all need to actively pursue things that go against our instincts and beliefs. We need to ask only one question to ourselves and give an honest answer to it: What if I’m wrong?

The stronger your belief is about something, the more frequently/periodically we need to ask that question. Actively looking out for evidence opposite to our belief and being self-aware enough to accept we may have been wrong are how we fight this bias.That’s how we become smarter, maturer and better human beings.

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