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Collar, cuffs and nostalgia


After a long time, I had a meeting today and I wore a formal shirt. This is a shirt which has a different colored collar.

This realization instantly transported me 20 years back in the past. I had a science teacher, Mr. P S, who always wore such shirts.

His shirts had the collar and cuffs which had different colored material. That piece of cloth was taken straight out of the material for his trousers.

Damn! That was the peak of fashion as far as I was concerned. He happened to be my favorite teacher in school and his fashion sense had such a major influence on me (and many other students).

For two full years at school I only wore that kind of design. Plain shirts, contrasting trousers and three trouser-colored patches on my shirt. Those were the days…

All these thoughts came in mind in a split second. And I have spent the last 6 hours reminiscing about school, friends and teachers – specifically about Mr. P S.

Everything I learned from him, his classes, tests, assignments, results. All this came back due to one tiny patch of cloth on a long forgotten formal shirt.

When an educator has charisma he/she becomes memorable. That increases the impact he/she has on the learner. That creates a sense of nostalgia which stays on forever.

There’s a lesson here for you as an educator, if you are willing to make a note.

Feeling Yes-talgic,