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Consumer to Creator Becoming a Conscious Consumer


You’ve been running since childhood. Would you consider yourself an experienced runner? I don’t. That’s because we run in a thoughtless, unconscious way. However, consider an athlete who runs in the Olympics running race, eyes set on winning a gold medal for their country. The athlete has spent thousands of hours perfecting their run. They have a learning method associated with their running which has helped them get better.

The same way, to make the journey from unconscious consumers of content to conscious consumers, we need a method that regulates our consumption pattern and helps us to learn and achieve our goal. I define Conscious Consumption as consumption followed by reflection and action towards a set goal. It can be best summarised in my 4T model:

Target: Set yourself a target to achieve before consuming content. If you are a trainer who specialises in or wants to specialise in team building, set yourself a target to create some content in any form on the subject of team building.

Time: Set a time for consumption after which you will mandatorily create. Often, we slip into the trap of unconscious consumption in the name of research. Anticipate that behaviour by setting yourself a deadline.

Think: Think about the content you have consumed. Reflect on the ideas. Connect what you have consumed to other pieces of content you have consumed in the past and to your experiences.

Take: Jot down your take on the subject. You will never know how you feel about the content you have consumed until you write or record your take on it. It does not have to be shared with anyone. This is for your benefit.

In my experience, your first take must be written on recorded within 30 minutes of consuming any content. You may further refine your take later, but the first take must be recorded quickly after consumption.

In fact, why don’t you start by recording your take on this mail you’ve just read, right away?!

Recording my takes every day,