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Consumer to Creator Becoming a Conscious Creator


Yesterday, I wrote about my 4T model to become a conscious consumer. Today we’ll support that model with 3 rituals to become a conscious creator. I define a Conscious Creator as someone who is building habits that will help them create content regularly. The reason you do that of course is not just for the sake of your business but also to refine your thinking.

In a previous email some days ago, I wrote about how habits are formed with the help of “triggers”. A trigger is a prompt that propels your motivation and ability to act a certain way. It is a myth promoted by popular culture and our media today that the creative process is a genius figuring out some grand idea in a stroke of inspiration. Every movie we have watched starring a creative genius extends this myth. And if some movie does not, it glosses over the very real struggle of coming up with ideas. It is said that Edison failed over 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb. Whether that anecdote is true or not, it is true that any movie about Edison would gloss over the 10,000 failed attempts in a 2-minute movie montage set to inspiring music. You make Maggi Noodles in 2 minutes (and even that’s not entirely true), not new ideas!

Ask any creative professional and they will tell you that the creative process demands discipline. It demands persistence. To that end, I offer you three rituals to try.

1. Set an appointment: Create one piece of content everyday. Set a 15-minute window in which you will create that piece everyday. Whatever that is, even if it is just a line you’ve written, that’s ok. You can use the 4T model at any time. But create “your piece for the day” at a pre-set time only within a strict 15-minute window. The brain is a creature of habit. It may take a few days, but soon you will see your brain adapt to your self-imposed constraints.

2. Make a public commitment: Promise to share your content with someone. We don’t like letting people down, especially those we make promises to. Your promise will hold you accountable. In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret. These emails began because I made a public commitment to write one everyday. Soon, I had encouraging messages from friends which keeps me going.

3. Reward yourself everyday for everyday milestones: Set a simple everyday milestone. My first milestone was to write one email. My second was to write my second. My third was to publish one mail. I then celebrated someone opening my mail. I further celebrated the first time someone wrote back and then I celebrated completing one week. Every celebration was huge, disproportionate to the size of the achievement. And each achievement was just a tiny, tiny step above the previous one. This helps your brain to develop a streak and once a streak develops, your motivation rarely dips.

And above all these rituals, work on yourself with compassion. Start the journey to become a conscious creator. Along the way, if you lose your way, it is ok. Build on your past successes, for every step you take is a small success that should be celebrated.

Celebrating your steps today,