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Consumer to Creator Gamifying Creation


Creator! Now you are aware of the insidious evil of W. Block. Writer’s Block. Previously, you neither had this knowledge, nor any weapons to defeat W. Block. Now, you do. And now, you are not alone. Now, you have an army of allies.

To that end, I invite you to a quest. The Race to 100. The rules of the quest are simple. Every day, we spend 15 minutes and produce one form of content. I will be writing an email every day. You can do a writeup, a video, an audio recording, or a drawing if that’s your chosen form of expression. You can share it with me by email if you are hesitant to share it with the larger world. I will offer no judgement or criticism. I will accept your offering with thanks and appreciate your effort. If you are not ready to share it, but have still created some content, then simply reply to my email of the day with Done.

Each day, for each piece of content created, we shall gain 1 point.Our first target will be to hit a 100 points together. If any of us starts this project and misses a day, then we collectively lose 1 point. I promise you I will write every day.

Everyday we create, we drive a decisive blow to the power of W. Block. Everyday we create, we become stronger creators. And, everyday we create we get one step closer to ridding the world of the evil W. Block.

Creators Assemble!

On a noble quest in search of allies,