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Diet DASH – a game to reduce your sugar intake


Sugar, they say is bad. It is blamed for obesity, increased cases of diabetes, and many other maladies that are on the rise. But sugar is so readily available just about everywhere in all kinds of tempting eatables that the lack of self-control is a major reason we can’t seem to be able to regulate our sugar intake.

Enter the researchers at Drexel University. They developed a video game that reduced players’ want of sugar, thereby hopefully leading to an improvement in overall health.

The game called Diet DASH that the team developed requires the user to walk through a supermarket and decide whether to take or leave different items that are presented.

The idea is to train the brain such that when a player ends up in a real-life supermarket, they’re not as prone to grab sugary sweets from the aisle shelves.

In tests, people who enjoyed sweets played the game repeatedly over a period of a few weeks. They then attended a workshop that explained the harms related to added sugar. As they played the game where they have to correctly, and as quickly as possible, choose what should go into their shopping cart, the computer threw in suggestions for their personal favorite treats.

The researchers monitored the sugar intake of players throughout the study, which showed that for over half of the players that enjoyed sweets, the game led to an on-average loss of 3.1% body weight over a period of two months.

You can watch a part of the game-play here:

Diet DASHing,