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Do you over-prepare or trust your gut?


There are two ways to do a live training session.

1. Where you over-prepare for every second of the session. You rehearse every line, practice every transition, know every slide by-heart, memorize the quotes you’ll use, and even know the jokes you’ll use. You prepare for potential questions, and have your answers ready. That’s my style.

2. You have a very good idea of what you’re going to say, but trust that your knowledge will carry you through. You don’t over-prepare and take it as it comes. That’s one of my closest friend’s style.

Both of us feel our styles are best suited for our needs. Both of us believe that our learners benefit from it. Both of us wouldn’t change our style for the world.

What is your style? Are you happy with it, or do you experiment with other styles once in a while?

Over-preparing and over-delivering,