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Dungeons and Dragons


Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) is a collaborative storytelling game where a Dungeon Master (DM) tells a story. Unlike a passive story, this one changes and adapts to whatever the players of the game roleplay. It’s an amazingly fun experience where The Party (the group of players) attack, defend and move forward with dice throws that impact the intensity of the action.

I play in a DnD campaign that my friend and professional writer Vaibhav Gupta DM’s. The campaign is called The Reckoning of Fallgrave. I’m a Dragonborn Paladin in search of The Book.

The story is so much fun, and it allows me (and the 5 other players in the game) to roleplay, voice act and create a rich fictional world.

Do watch some good DnD games on YouTube, they’re very addictive. Fair warning: The games can be super-long. Some sessions are as long as 4 hours, and some stories have as many as 30 sessions (or even more).

To be honest, I don’t spend as much time on DnD these days due to my busy schedule, but I try and play whenever I can for a few hours every week.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll share some learnings I am taking from DnD and applying in L&D.