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Economies of Scale: Shipping a single apple in a truck


Some things make sense only in a certain quantity. It costs the same amount and same effort (almost) whether you ship one apple or a truck full of apples at a time.

The cost of shipping gets distributed across every apple shipped. So, if the shipping cost of apple is ₹20,000 and a single apple costs ₹20, it has to be sold at a price > ₹20,020 to make some profit. No one will buy such an apple.

On the contrary, if you ship 10,000 apples in the truck, each apple can be sold at just ₹25 and still make a good profit. This is because the cost of shipping is only ₹2 per apple. Your clients benefit from the reasonable pricing and you do better too.

This idea, called the Economies of Scale, is an important concept that you should apply to many aspects of your work and life.

Here’s a list of ways in which you can use this concept for the way you spend your time:

1. Build a collection of icons, images and assets for your presentation. Save tons of time when creating presentations.

2. Create a wide variety of proposals, quotations, profiles, and other client documents in advance – so that you can customize quickly when a new prospect asks for them.

3. Build many variations of starting and ending slides of presentations you use for your training sessions.

4. Build variants of designs for quizzes, ice breakers, games, activities, etc. beforehand. This helps when you do multiple sessions for the same groups. They’ll see that you’ve invested a lot of time for each session.

You can pass on the benefits of this time investment to your clients financially. Even though you charge less than usual from the client, you will still make more per hour of work than before. Win-win.

Economies of Scale will help you take your work to the next level. It takes some extra effort now, but it’s totally worth it when that gets distributed over time. Your initial work will bear more fruits 🍎 in the future.

Scaling economically,