Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Embracing Distractions


The pandemic has brought with it a perspective that could not have come without it. In training sessions everyone is distracted.

Distractions are everywhere and at all times. Kids playing, construction/repair activity, traffic noise, family entertainment, noisy neighbours, emails, WhatsApp, phone notifications. The list is endless.

Your participants are sharing space with parents, children, roommates, siblings, spouses, and neighbours. Young kids and elderly folk who need their attention. Technology is still not fully reliable and video/voice is sometimes unclear.

People are distracted because they don’t have a choice. They’re not being difficult. This is their reality and they’re doing their best to stay focused in between all this.

Offices were designed to avoid these distractions. Working from home means distractions are inevitable. The new normal is here to stay and it is about learning with distractions. You can either fight this fact or accept it.

Even better: Embrace the distraction.

Design your training sessions with that distraction in mind. Understand the power of repetition. Understand how to engage multiple senses. Understand how to create hero moments.

Anyone can engage learners when all conditions are ideal. It takes someone exceptional to do it with so many distractions. Are you that someone exceptional?

Do you want to be? I will be shortly announcing a workshop that will deal with both business development and training delivery. Watch this space.