Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Escape Rooms


Your friends and you are trapped in a dark room. The light switch is not at the usual spot by the door. You fumble along the wall and take 5 minutes just to find the switch.

The room lights up. It’s locked from outside. Inside it’s filled with weird things. Bookshelves, Magazine racks, Wall Hangings, Potted plants, Tetroid pillows, Safes under lock and key, all sorts of paraphernalia.

There’s a big clock counting down from 60 mins as an ominous music plays in the background.

Your job is to Escape the Room. It’s a wonderfully stressful satisfying fun activity. You see a clue, you solve a puzzle, you move one step closer to escape. Clue after clue after clue appear and finally you break free. It’s thrilling!

Friends, family, teammates all around the world were flocking to these places before the pandemic closed them down. They’re now back in a digital avatar.

Friends, family and teammates join on Zoom and solve these puzzles. Same thrill, much more variety of settings as well as clues. Almost as thrilling as the real experience.

Look on Google for some escape rooms. There are some really cool ones, like The Hidden Hour. It costs very little and is guaranteed to perk you up.

If you like what you see and experience, let me know if you’d like to participate in a similar experience in a different setting next month.