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Facing my fears


For the longest time in my life, I was a bit of a health freak. A wake-up-at-4am and run-a-10k-by-5am kinda health freak.

In the last 3 years, I have let myself go a bit. I gained more than 20kg, ate far too much, stopped all physical activity, started sleeping and waking up at odd times. I had become a poster child for bad health – always tired, never full of energy.

I also grew a beard in the last year. Many people said it looked good on me <blushes>. But I knew the real reason. I was hiding my double chin from the world.

Three months ago, I started on a strict Intermittent Fasting style diet, and it was working ok. Last month, I did something that accelerated the weight loss process. I shaved my beard off.

You see – the beard wasn’t hiding the double chin from the world. It was hiding the real me from me. I was refusing to see myself.

Reaching a healthy weight and lifestyle is still a long journey but I know it’ll be easier now. Now that I am ready to face my fears.

What truth are you running away from yourself? Health, relationships, career – they all can become better when we show the courage to face our fears.

Obese to Nobese,