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Fast service not available


I’m on a road trip from Bangalore to Hampi today. We stopped midway when something caught my eye. A juice shop which was selling something called Wood Apple Juice.

It was bizarre enough that I stopped by to haveouter fruit feels like it’s made of literal hard wood. The pulp inside has a sweet and sour taste which was nice enough to be worth the stop.

But that’s not the point of this mail. I saw a notice he had printed and stuck on the small shop.

Fast Service Not Available.

I was super impressed by how amazing it was to see a sign like this in a world on Swiggy and Uber Eats – where speed is everything.

I, being me, had a bit of a chat with the wood apple juice guy. He said that had been his policy from day one. The fruit needs to be processed just the right way, failing which the juice doesn’t taste as good.

He made a decision that since he had to make a choice between speed and quality, he decided on the latter.

That’s my story for the day. If possible, offer both. If not, prioritize quality.


Abhilash Purohit