Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Fishing, Hunting and Farming


Fishing with a line is one of the most passive ways to get food. You literally need only patience and luck (the fish has to come and bite your bait and you can do nothing to influence it).

Hunting on the other hand is an extremely active way. You work hard every time you need to eat. Your food is running away and you need to chase and hunt it down. You also need to protect it from other hunters.

Farming is a little bit of both. Work hard for some time and passively wait for food to grow during other times. It needs the mindset of both the fisherman and the hunter during different stages.

Business growth, especially for a small company or a frelancer, is mostly like Farming. Most clients we get come when we actively work to get them AND also patiently follow up.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t occasionally consider Fishing or Hunting. Once in a while, an aggressive hunting spree could get us some new clients and at other times a client comes to our line all by themselves.

The trick is to use the passive time during our farming to try some hunting/fishing.

How? I’ll try to explore this concept a bit over the next week.

Part-time hunter,