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#FlashbackFriday: Smart work is overrated


[In #FlashbackFriday, I share with you my most well-liked and appreciated emails from the past. I hope you like this one. It was originally posted on 15 Dec 2020]

I have four problems with this whole "work smart, not hard" philosophy:

1. It’s used as an advise everywhere. Even at a time when it is objectively wrong advice.

2. It is usually said in a condescending tone with no specifics – and therefore mostly useless

3. It is used as a substitute to hard work, rather than as a complement

4. It is grammatically incorrect (or at least weird to hear). If you have to say it, at least say "Work Smartly"

I’m sure some things can be achieved by "working smart". But anything worth something significant has always needed someone willing to work hard. Period.

Whenever I hear that phrase I think back to the first time I heard it in college. I remember how impressed I was about the phrase. I also feel a little embarrassed about how impressed I was about the phrase.

I can no longer stand it. It’s time to call it what it really. A cliché that is overrated. Something that should be removed from our common tongue.

And, more importantly, to make a concerted effort to bring back hard work to its past and well-deserved glory.

Working hard (ly),