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Following up on yesterday’s Avadhanam email


Yesterday, I spoke about Avadhanam – The Art of Concentration. Today I am sharing some lessons from an Ashthavadhanam that can be used in daily life in general, and in L&D in particular. You will still have to watch, understand and appreciate the performing art to truly make sense of these ideas.

However, some of these may still resonate with you:

  1. Anyone can tackle serious and meaningful questions. It takes someone special to encourage, entertain and respectfully respond to even silly questions and still add value for all learners.
  2. Silence is OK. Thoughtful responses are valuable. Take your time responding to a question. Quality of the answer matters more than the speed.
  3. Let others have the last word in conversations and discussions.
  4. Always talk people up, never down – not even as a joke. Goodwill between you and the participant matters a lot.
  5. Be extremely well-read. Do not hesitate to quote from books, movies, and other sources of knowledge.
  6. Do not hesitate to share in-depth stories as supporting material to make a point. Find the right balance between keeping it relevant and exploring connected topics.
  7. Build a knowledge base of ALL the arts, and know something about most major topics (like engineering, sports, etc). Not necessarily relevant to L&D, but it makes life in general richer and filled with a wide variety of experiences. For an Avadhani, it is a mandatory requirement.
  8. Good-natured humour is an essential ingredient in any discourse, no matter how serious or erudite. When a position of prominence stick to self-deprecating jokes

Chasing knowledge for the sake of knowledge,