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From Consumer To Creator – The Journey


You want to create content. You know that it is good for you as a trainer and that it is good for your business/career. But you don’t actually create content. It doesn’t stem from a lack of ideas, content, or direction. You know what you want to say and who your audience is. Yet, a Machiavellian monster forces you away from your goal. He has many names, but he is commonly identified as W. Block. Writer’s Block.

Like the snake in the Garden of Eden, he whispers to you that you are not ready to create. He ensnares you into an unconscious stupor and guilefully guides you down the path of consumption. You spend hours unconsciously consuming content hoping it will spark an idea that will help you create content.

This is the dark side, and this is their plan.

What can you do? How do you escape?

Where there are forces of darkness, there must be forces of light too. In this binary battle to defeat Writer’s Block, you must successfully make your way from the desert of unconscious consumption to the plains of conscious creation passing through the valley of conscious consumption and finally ending your journey in the fabled mountains of unconscious creation.

The four behaviours on this path are:

Unconscious Consumption – Consumes content with no intention, plan, or action towards creation.

Conscious Consumption – Consumes content and reflects upon it with intent towards creation.

Conscious Creation – Plans and creates content, still sporadically. Habit building in progress.

Unconscious Creation – Content creation is second nature; the mind finds triggers to create and habits take over.


Over the next 5 days, I will help you develop awareness of each of these behaviours, limit consuming patterns, build creative habits, and make it fun.

On your mark… Get… Set… Wait for it…

Preparing to be a Creator,