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Frustrated Facilitator to Empathetic Educator


Do you get easily frustrated these days when participants don’t "participate"? Do you consider the lack of engagement as your personal failure as an educator?

You’re not alone. The virtual world is taking its toll on all of us.

Here are some ideas that help me keep my sanity when learners stop interacting:

1. I remember that virtual learning is still a new experience for everyone.

2. I know that many participants in the session could be suffering because of a bad internet connection – a problem that literally no one can do anything about.

3. I acknowledge that the participants have been spending so much time in virtual meetings these days, that yet another training online can be quite boring no matter how interesting my session is.

4. I accept that staying shut in a house with limited mobility can be quite difficult, and some of my participants may be struggling with mental health – and thus need a more accommodating approach.

5. I realize that very few people are actually used to being on video calls and can get quite conscious about their looks when the video is on and people are staring at them.

6. I recognize that half the population in the world is introverted and being continuously online is much more difficult for them. Asking them to unmute or turn on the video and interact can cause genuine anxiety.

7. I believe that it is my responsibility to create an environment in which want to learn – and to that end, I need to work harder than usual.

These are the seven key ideas that help me control my frustration and become more empathetic. Remember these the next time you complain about your learners being unresponsive.

When you feel empathy towards your learners it shows in the way you speak during your sessions. The tone of your voice immediately becomes more inviting and you draw your participants into your session. In a world where everyone at every level seems to be criticizing everyone else, you will stand out as someone to look up to. Good things come to those who stand out as someone to look up to.

Like the workshop I have been working on. To help you increase the reach of your training business. Watch this space for a few more days. The announcement is coming soon.

Empathetically yours,