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Yesterday, my partner Rakshith and I were talking about our 2021-22 business plan. One of the question we tried to answer was: "What to do during slack periods throughout the year?" That is when I coined the term FUPW.

To give you some history, we both had a subject called SUPW at school. Maybe you did too. SUPW means Socially Useful Productive Work. We made stuff like envelopes, candles, wall hangings, etc. This work was supposed to be three things: Useful, Productive and more importantly Fun.

That’s the kind of work we hope to be doing in slack periods which is a euphemism for "when no one is paying us for our expertise". F stands for Financially. When clients aren’t paying for our services, we still want to keep doing Financially Useful Productive Work. This is work that sets us up for future growth. It still has to be useful, productive and fun. Additionally, if it also moves the needle forward to help the company become financially stronger – that’s the kind of work to prioritise.

It may be work like creating marketing content, designing new open workshops, developing new software tools, prototyping new games, recording podcasts, or anything else that captures our fancy at the time. Sure, there is still space for experiments that don’t pan out, and just mindless trials-and-errors.

We just want to try and get a little more conscious about the brand and the products we build this Financial Year. What’s your 2021-22 plan?

Focusing on FUPW,