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Gamicon Day 2 and Rakshith’s amazing talk


Today was a great day at GentleBamboo. Rakshith gave his talk at Gamicon, and it was very well received.
Today was also a very stressful day at Gentle Bamboo. The tech gods decided to play spoilsport during Rakshith’s talk. The laptop completely froze and refused to share screen. The session got postponed for half an hour.

But when we resumed, Rakshith, as always, was absolutely amazing. The participants were cheering along as he shared the story of how we built our Management Simulation Game called Race for Rockets.

After the session, we have been networking with scores of amazing people from around the world – which is always a secondary objective of a conference like this.

Lots of people are interested to experience the game. Lots of international companies want to collaborate. We are being suggested to present the game at the upcoming Serious Games Conference.

All in all, a great 48 hours. Tonight I hope to catch some sleep.

Racing for rockets,