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Gamification Case Study – Unacademy’s Knowledge Hats


Disclaimer: I’m an educator at Unacademy, but this is not a promotional email. Not even remotely.

With that out of the way, let me share with you something that Unacademy does which is an extremely amazing example of Gamification that works.

It’s called the Knowledge Hat. Students, when they watch videos collect watch minutes. At intervals like 10 mins, 100 mins, 500 mins, etc. various colored hats are unlocked as awards.

If it stopped there, it is no different or better than any other basic points and badges Gamification.

Where the genius of the idea begins is in what is done with those hats. Students can dedicate those hats to the Educators who teach them – with a message of gratitude.

While the minutes and hats are collected by watching videos of any and all educators, the dedication is a complete choice for the student to make.

It is somewhat silly to be honest, but boy does it feel great to get a hat dedicated. Every time a teenage kid says stuff like "You’re the best teacher ever" or "I’m so grateful to be your student" or usually something much more heart-touching, it’s a great feeling that lasts the whole day.

And that’s what a good Gamification design is all about. Human centered, positive reinforcement driven and fun-focused.

If you’re ever involved in a Gamification project, use this as an example of simple implementation and huge impact.

Wearing many hats,