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Getting over it!


So, a couple years ago, I came across a video game called Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

It’s… how do I put it delicately… INSANELY DIFFICULT. It’s incredibly frustrating. It’s unapologetically sadistic.

In theory, this is a game that no one should want to play. It also went on to become #1 on Steam (the video game marketplace).

It is an extreme outlier in the video game industry. Uninspiring artwork. Non-existent story. Static background. Stock assets. Frustrating gameplay.

Every metric that guides the success of a video game is missing in it. And yet, for a while, it went on to beat PUBG – the most popular game of all time.

So, what do audiences like? Who the hell knows? 🤦‍♂️

As creative people, all we can do is keep experimenting and hope we create something that our audiences love.

Still stuck in Orange Hell,