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Giving a shit. Literally.


First up, sorry about that clickbait sounding subject line.

I want to talk about something extremely strange and effective that I learned about today. It’s called Fecal Transplant.

Yeah. It is actually what you think it means. Take someone else’s fecal matter (poop) and put it in another person’s gut. Yuck, right?

Research indicates that this medical treatment works almost like a miracle in many cases. Its impact in treatment of chronic problems like diarrhea, IBS, etc have been documented since a long time.

Now it is proven to be working really well in treating cancer as well.

There are fecal transplant donors, who are actually making money and saving lives donating their poop.

They are giving a shit. Literally.

I thought this is a fun (and surprisingly motivational) story that I plan to share in many training sessions I’ll do in the future.

In my mind, this weird-sounding yet powerful treatment is a good fit for just the right question in a Q&A round.

I hope you use it in on of your sessions some day too.

I shit you not,