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Go All In on Virtual – Why You Should Purchase Media Tech

Student looking at TV for graduation ceremony | Virtual Training Media Tech

When you start a business, it is extremely important to conserve money. You don’t want to run out of fuel before you even get off the ground. Therefore, it is important that you do not get carried away with expenditure.

However, what often doesn’t get talked about is the other side – the necessary investment. It’s very difficult to start a business without taking on some sort of cost. All sorts of sellers, from kirana grocers to massive companies, have to buy or consign goods before they can sell them.

As a trainer, even you have startup costs. You invest in formalwear, in printing and stationery costs, and in case of classroom sessions, the cost of travel. There are real costs you bear so that you can continue to conduct your business in a smooth and effective manner.

So why shouldn’t there be costs for virtual sessions?

The Misunderstanding of Virtual Sessions

As with any new technology or new ways of doing things, there is a lot of mistrust and apprehension around adopting the cost involved. The pandemic has shaken the learning and development industry to its core. Previously, trainers and clients alike turned their noses up at virtual sessions, because it could “never capture the feeling of a classroom session.”

Yet, when push came to shove, virtual sessions became acceptable because people realized they have no other options.

Now, sexagenarians are learning about “some app called Zoom” and saying things like, “sir, you are on mute!” The most technologically challenged generation is slowly but surely beginning to open up. What excuse do the current working class have to not be better?

The rise of the virtual L&D industry is happening as we speak. It’s all around us. People are unsure and willing to experiment. This is an opportunity for the bold to stand out. Your cost of investment at this time should not be zero.

The Importance of Media Equipment

We have been conducting our own sessions for clients and trainers alike, and you will see us use lights, microphones, green screens, multiple cameras, our own presentation software and so much more. And we’re seeing a lot of success from it. Our audiences are wowed by the “innovation” we bring.

But here’s the thing. We’re not the most innovative people in the world. The technology we use, save for, has existed for years and years in the media industry. We simply decided to use it in the L&D space.

We decided to augment our expertise as trainers with the tools of the day. The tools enhance the high-quality knowledge and expertise we’ve built in training, and make that knowledge more accessible to you, our audience. Training can no longer be limited to a lazy 30 minute talk. You need to now enhance training as an exceptional audio-visual experience, and then supplement it with courses, blogs, videos, and so much more. The potential is there to be tapped.

Media equipment used to be inaccessible and mysterious… 20 years ago. Now with a smartphone in everyone’s pocket, we have cameras and microphones readily available. You are technologically competent. We simply say that it’s time to look beyond what is in your pocket and adopt what works even better.

Should you invest in media equipment? Yes. Is it new and uncomfortable and will it take time to learn to use? Of course. But that’s the cost of investment. That’s the cost of greatness, and those who will learn and adopt faster will succeed faster. Will you?