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Goodbye WhatsApp, hello Signal


I’ve been on the Signal App for months now, and I’m slowly but steadily moving towards making it my full time communication app.

I deleted the Facebook app many years ago, but was holding on to WhatsApp because most of my business and personal contacts use it.

I feel it’s time to cut the cord. It’s a little scary. LIke being punched in the gut. What if I lose business opportunities because I’m not in the right groups? What if I lose contact with my friends and family? The ease of use of WhatsApp is incredible. What if Signal isn’t that good?

The decision to leave any comfort zone is always a little scary. But, its all right. Things will be fine.

I’ll be on Signal entirely from next week. Consider doing your own research about why Signal is superior. If it is convincing and convenient, come join the Signal app.

If you’re not yet ready for it, it’s all right. You know what’s best for you.

Moving from noise to Signal,