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I am Abhilash from Gentle Bamboo Solutions (the creators of

We’ve met before – most likely in a virtual training session. For the past 6 months, I have been working hard to create a great tool for Trainers and Learners called – and you’ve probably seen me (or someone else) using it.

In building the tool, I have been interacting with hundreds of trainers, facilitators, educators, and L&D professionals. I have been learning so much about training from everyone’s experience – and sharing a lot of my own ideas with them. It’s been going on informally for a while now.

Maybe it is a good idea to formalize it a bit and start sharing these ideas via email? This is the first step in that direction. I will cover ideas very specific to the Learning & Development industry. I hope you feel like you want to hear from me.

I won’t spam with irrelevant emails. If you feel it is not for you, feel free to unsubscribe. Give it a shot for a few weeks though. I think you will like it.